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Leadership is not by size, but
by knowledge and wisdom.
Food security is the key to Africa’s self-sufficiency and economic transformation.
Transforming agriculture-related companies to improve and enhance African food production.
A pan-African fund with a vision to change the way Africa views food, sustainability and investment.

Who we are

Zebu Investment Partners (ZIP) is a private equity fund manager established to invest in food production and processing throughout the African continent. We believe that everyone deserves to be self-sufficient and that food security is the key to this basic human right.

We focus on creating transformational opportunities for companies along the food value chain to improve and enhance African food production, while bringing investors long-term, above-market returns. Our funds focus on growth equity investments within Africa.

Registered in Mauritius, we are present throughout Africa, with offices in Ghana, Mauritius and South Africa.

Why "Zebu"

“ZEBU (n): a large, humped ox. Zebu is the traditional Madagascan cow and considered a symbol of wisdom, wealth and sustainability”.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to invest in businesses along the food value chain and build these businesses to produce and manage the raw material supply, provide a hedge against commodity cycles, manage the value chain and own sustainable and tangible assets.