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AAF SME Fund Impact: Moablaou


Business Challenge

Moablaou is the largest producer of table eggs in Burkina Faso. It engages in the production, distribution and sale of eggs in the Koubri region. Moablaou also sells ancillary products such as spent hens and chicken waste as fertiliser.

The company  had an installed capacity of 110,000 laying hens with 55,000 operational. Moablaou faced working capital constraints limiting its potential to expand local egg production and diversify into the broiler market. The company’s 2012 financial year was a particularly challenging one as it lost most of its flock to Marek’s disease. Due to the outbreak, Moablaou was compelled to sell its spent hens early and at discounted prices. The business needed an urgent injection of funds, and management oversight to help re-strategise operations.

Our Approach

Since November 2014, the AAF SME Fund has invested $4.45m in Moablaou. The invested funds financed the procurement of an additional hen house, the purchase of Day Old Chicks (DOCs) and the construction of a farm road. Equipment such as an automatic egg grader, water trucks and generator sets were purchased to support operations. The fund injection also helped settle outstanding foreign supplier payments to avoid business disruption and enhance operational growth.

Our Impact

Improved Livelihoods

  • Saved close to 50+ jobs which could potentially have been lost due to business disruption
  • Planned provision of agronomic training to local maize and soya farmers through a Smallholder Support Scheme. Farmers will be engaged to support Moablaou’s feedmill supply chain hence ensuring a steady flow of income to them

Enhanced Food Security

  • Increased production capacity from 55,000 to 210,000 laying hens
  • Increased daily egg production from 65,000 to 70,000 in 12 months
  • Contributed to national nutritional efforts through the addition of more than 800 tonnes of protein to the food value chain

Improved Business Operations

  • Launched a biosecurity and recovery project to review operations and mitigate future threat
  • Led the restructuring of company’s debt following the avian flu incident through the provision of follow-on funding worth $1.0m
  • Retained customer base through shortened interruption in egg production and sales
  • Invested €46,000 through TAF to fund a recovery plan that focused on cash flow management, inventory management, marketing and distribution and financial reporting

ESG Impact

  • Constructed a 3m concrete wall around farm to improve isolation
  • Separated rearing and production houses to minimise cross-infections
  • Installed full shower units for employees and visitors to minimise spread of diseases
  • Sponsored a €12,400 biosecurity project through TAF to minimise the probability of a future incident
  • Hired biosecurity focused personnel to help train workforce and improve bio-security monitoring